Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovin' on Love

Today, the calendar says February 14th. A day to tell the people around us how much we love them. I try to make it a point that "I love you" are the words that Dan and Riley hear the most from me. When Crazy Lady is having a meltdown, I have been known to lean over and whisper to her, "I love you." It's for both of us really. I never hang up the phone from my parents, brother, or Dan, without exchanging those three words. Before bed, you can hear "I love yous" all around. So, it comes as no surprise that I love Valentine's Day.
This Valentine's Day, we tried to keep our traditions alive while also throwing in a few new things.

First, Riley and I organized a little scavenger hunt for Daddy. Riley wrote some really good clues if I do say so myself :) One of his gifts, conveniently, was a heart-shaped cut-outs, perfect for making Daddy's famous pancakes. Another activity Riley supervised.Then, Riley got a frog balloon and some rubber lizards to play with. She has had a small obsession with all things slithery lately. I got some new stainless steel cups that are supposed to keep you drink cold for 12 hours. This Mommy is excited about that. I have been downing water lately like it's going out of style. We had a lazy rest of the day but managed to sneak in one more tradition - fondue. I made cheese fondue while Dan grilled chicken on the grill. We enjoyed the cold evening snuggling under a blanket and preventing our child from dipping her hands into the fondue pot. My, how Valentine's evenings have changed...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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