Sunday, February 14, 2010

George & Harrison

We had a great, although chilly, day yesterday. Our friends invited us to join them at Barnes & Noble to see Curious Gorge. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to see one of Riley's favorites.

George was sort of mauled like a rock-star when he first entered the children's area.

Once the volunteers (sort of) got organized, we began standing in line to see the main man. Riley waited patiently on Daddy's shoulders, waving and repeating, "Hi George." The smells within the holding area grew a little questionable, but our turn finally came. Dan and I had money on Riley's pending meltdown and panic attack, but she sat like a big girl on his lap. For some reason, she wouldn't stop sucking on her fingers and George was even nice enough to try to pull her hands away from her mouth. She wasn't buying it.

After Riley's buddy, Harrison, had his turn, we were off to Lakes Park for a picnic. The kids and respective Daddies had fun on the playground, the kids munched on bits of fruit and cheese, and the Mommies watched over the food and sleeping baby.

Harrison was even nice enough to share some Curious George fruit snacks with Riley. Is there love in their future? He does think she's a cutie :)

Thank you K family for a fun-filled day!

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Mommy K said...

Love it! It was a great day, indeed!
Harrison says, "Riley's my favorite. She's a cutie."


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