Saturday, May 16, 2009

Video Man Dan

What is it with grown men and video games?

I am watching my husband reason with, swear at, and coax the little men in the video games. Here are some of the highlights (that of which I can repeat)

Why won't this guy die?
Oh man....
Would this damn controller stop screwing up? (Yes, honey, it's the controller, not you.)
Come on! (Slams hand on couch)
How come you are not dead, beast?
I'm running out of juice baby doll. (That's me he's talking to.)
Ah hell...I got the wrong damn thing in my hand again.
I got the right s**t are going down, I WILL FIND YOU!
Are you kidding me? (Obviously he didn't go down.)

He leans forward, to the side, stands up, stomps around, all but willing his guys to move through the maze.

I hate video games - maybe because it's not in my genes.


EBJ said...

what is he playing?

JBW said...

Right now...I think it's Turac (sp?) The one about dinosaurs.


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