Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Collector

L: Can't let go....

Above: The Stash: Blankie, dog toy, sippie cup, a plastic cone for stacking, a rubber rolled up placemat and an Old Navy receipt

Sweet little Riley, my little collector.

Riley was given a shopping cart as a present from my in-laws for her first birthday. She can't seem to live without it now. From the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed, the cart is with her. Curious George used to be her favorite, but I think the cart has him scared of losing first place.

When watching her wheel the cart around today, bumping into Murphy, through the tunnel, banging into the table, it reminded me of a homeless lady. She collects all kinds of random objects from around the house and hoards them in the shopping cart. I guess she also is afraid that I am going to take it and her goodies away from her at any moment because she remembers to keep one hand firmly planted on the cart as she sits in her red chair catching some parts of a cartoon.

I don't know what's next - maybe we can get her a small trailer to carry her things around in - she soon will be collecting enough things that her stash will outgrow the small cart.

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