Friday, May 22, 2009

Covered in Snot

For the past week, Riley has been suffering from a cold....and in true Mom fashion, I have been suffering right along with her. I have to get nightly showers to cleanse myself from the grossness that I accumulate throughout the day.

I told Dan yesterday that I needed a break. I even told him I wanted to go back to work; not because I think work is easier by any means....I give my fellow mom friends all the credit in the world for juggling work, kids, house, etc. I just needed a break from the snot and the whining and the tugging and the snot. A girl can only bulb syringe and nasal spray for so long.

Today was better, we got out of the house when the weather offered a small reprieve from the rain. Riley and I enjoyed lunch with Monique and she finally fell asleep in the car on the way home. Monique and I enjoyed grown up talk and I was able to feel like a big girl for a few blissful hours.

I hope tomorrow is even better as we prepare to head into the 3 day Memorial Day weekend. If I'm lucky, Dan may even take over the sinus duties.

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