Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I used to use the potty alone

A long time ago, I picked up a copy of Ellen's book, I think it was one of her first ones, My Point and I Do Have One. In it, she tells of a lady using a bathroom stall when someone accidentally opens the door, because of course the lock is broken and she is performing hovering acrobats to hold it close.

Instead of being angry at the intruder, she says, "Oh, that's OK." The bathroom intruder says, "Really? Well, in that case...." and she begins to invite other people into the bathroom with the woman...

So, the little intruder into my small sanctuary is just over 30 inches and refuses to allow me to pee in peace. It's not like she just stands there either, Riley does all that she can do to distract me.

Some of her favorites include: Let's climb into the toilet paper basket while I insist that Mommy piles toilet paper on top of me.

Or...let me fix the toilet while you obviously have nothing better to do than gasp at my disgusting habit.

At any given day or time, you will probably find Riley wielding around her cart full of treasures, feminine hygiene products and toilet paper included. In any case, it's gross, intrusive, and sometimes, yes, a little cute.

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