Thursday, May 14, 2009

Family Night

Last night, Dan got home early from work (well, 6:30 is early for us). Riley, well rested from her late nap, was ecstatic to see her Daddy.

She patiently waits for him at the door, usually with Murphy in tow.

After we ate a scrumptious dinner, if I do say so myself, (Pesto Chicken Grill Packets courtesy of my Rachel Ray magazine) we relaxed together as a family. With the ground fresh from the afternoon downpour, we began our evening walk with Murphy. We returned home to show Daddy our new skills with the stacking rings. Riley is able to stack the colored rings, usually in order and usually with minimal help, onto the plastic post. She gets a kick out of our reaction when we applaud her work.

The sun was setting, the lights were low in the house while the radio was playing lightly in the background and there we were, playing on the living room floor past bedtime. Riley, in her pink and red strawberry pajamas with feet and Daddy, still in his dress pants and shirt from work, giggling and laughing together.

Time is very precious in the evening - with the hustle and bustle of dog walking, cooking, eating, bathing, dressing, brushing, reading, and singing - it was nice for once to take a step back and enjoy time together on a school night, as my mom used to say.

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