Friday, May 8, 2009

My Name is Jamie, and I am Married to a Pack-Rat

Welcome Jamie to the group.

Sometimes I get into these frenzies where I feel the need to clean, donate, and organize. I should be writing my paper for grad school or mopping the floors, but no, I am rifling through old stuff.

I have known about Dan's addiction to crap ever since we met. At first, I thought it was cute, like....:"Ah, how sweet, he still has the bank deposit slips from his lawn mowing business....when he was 10." Now, I see that the "cuteness" has become my problem.

If you live in Florida, then you know that we are very limited on our storage space. No expansive basements or coat closets for storage. We have crammed all of (mostly) Dan's belongings into our guest room/office closet.

But I digress, let's remember that I was cleaning this crap out. I tackled the bin labeled, Dan's Art Supplies. By the looks of it, these are his supplies since he was five. I keep what appears anything new for Riley and chuck the rest. Then, I move on to the bin, Dan's Fun Stuff. Weird already, I know.

Here are some of the gems I pulled out:

1. 2 toy guns

2. bell bottoms

3. black light

4. disco ball

5. jester hat

6. African stone game

7. Mardi-Gras beads

8. hackey sack balls

And my personal favorite....

9. The Willy Warmer (Dan's brother, Mike, got this for him in Africa. The note inside says: "Traditional underwear worn by the men and boys of the Matebele tribe in Africa. Can you believe it!")

No, I cannot believe it - what I really can't believe is that we still have this stored away in our closet. I can hear Dan saying now...."You never know when we are going to get invited to a Halloween party and I'll want to wear my jester hat with my beads, bell bottoms, and willy warmer."

Bless his heart, I love this man. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to load up the trunk of my small SUV with this big load for Goodwill before Dan gets home. I wonder what they will think of the Willy Warmer?


Rachel said...

Jamie, I swear.....we are married to the same guy! Although Greg doesn't have a willy least I haven't come across it yet. I thought I was sentimental and held onto stuff....appears guys are much worse!

Brian Hamsher said...

That is a good little read.

Kyle said...

I wonder if they keep the information about the willy warmer inside of it, or they find it obscene and pawn it off as a bouquet basket.


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