Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spokane, Seattle, and Vancouver, Oh My!

Dan and I have returned from a whirlwind week of school (me), lounging (him), and sight-seeing (both).

Our first stop - Spokane, Washington - home to Gonzaga University where I am enrolled in their Communication Master's online program. After a long flight to Seattle, Dan and I still had another four long hours of car travel to get to Spokane. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the sweet silence, but still spent a lot of time talking about baby girl, whom we left at home in the loving arms of Mimi and Papa.

After arriving in our hotel nice and late, and also on PST, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and got ready for bed.

4:00AM What's that? It's only 4 and Dan is up watching football on ESPN? Yes, we were definitely still on EST. Joy.

Monday morning - Dan dropped me off for my first day of class. I felt like a nervous kindergartner.

Classes at Gonzaga were a complete joy. The students and professors were all exceedingly gracious, kind, and intelligent. It made me very proud to be a Bulldog! We worked in writing and speaking workshops with a culminating group project. I can be a bit of a spaz and perfectionist, but my group members did a fantastic job calming me down and wrangling in my stress! I also got to meet many of my "online" friends - namely, Keegan, a girl who I have been friends with since the beginning. Keegan and her husband, we discovered, are very much like Dan and I....scary, I know!

As class ended on Wednesday evening, Dan picked me up from class, late, I might add....evidently he was at a winery doing a little tasting of local vino. (MORE PICTURES TO COME...)

Thursday we spent the full day in Seattle seeing the sights and dining on local fare. The highlights of the rip for me was experiencing the cold, brisk air, visiting Pike Place Market, and a romantic dinner at "Purple." We also spent some down time with Keegan and Eric - telling stories and sharing some much needed laughs and relaxation.

Friday - the day of our midnight departure, we decided to take our rental car (gasp) across the border. I was completely freaked out the entire time, thinking that the Canadians would call Enterprise on us or something, but they seemed more curious about the fact that we were from Florida and were only spending a day in Vancouver, B.C. After a quick drive through the city, we headed to a "must see" that I found on the Internet - Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Words cannot even express the beauty of this forest, just minutes from downtown. After crossing the suspension bridge, we headed to the Treetop Adventure - where you stroll from treetop to treeptop, connected by a series of elevated, wooden bridges. Our only regret was that we couldn't experience it with Riley Belle.

After another long trip back to the airport, we boarded our red-eye, complete with a long lay-over and finally returned home. Riley had a great time with Mimi, Papa, and Kyle...surely getting away with murder (or a coke and a few doughnuts...). Although - that night she surely made us pay for our little vacation - up all night, afraid we wouldn't be there when she woke up:(

Ahhh....Home Sweet Home

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