Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Men & Laundry

I love my husband, I really do. Bless his heart, he tries to help out around the house, especially by "helping" me do the laundry on the weekends.

But, his idea of helping is putting the clothes in the washer....maybe the dryer....and then the bed. His newest announcement came a couple weeks ago after he saw that I didn't hang up his dress shirts correctly - as they weren't buttoned all the way down the front.
He tells me, "Don't worry about hanging up my clothes, I'll do mine from now on."
No problem, gladly, I think.
Well, a week and a half later, the clothes are still on the chair in the corner of our room. Taunting me. They are saying, "You know you want to take care us. Who cares how my buttons look. You know it's driving you crazy." It is, but I will be strong. I will resist their taunts.

Fast forward to this morning - 5:00 am to be exact.
Murphy, who I think is an undiagnosed bulimic dog, starts puking in his bed. Because of his crazy shedding problem, we also keep a blanket draped over his dog bed. Dan gets up, flips on all of the lights and starts cleaning it up. Again, Dan is a good man.

He takes the blanket and bed cover to the washer and he is gone for a good 10 minutes. Fearing his confusion, I stumble across the house to find him staring at the washing machine. He is about to hit start he he informs me, "I put a little bleach in there."
"Uh, that will bleach the red bed cover," I say.
"it's just a little though."
"It will still bleach it."
"Uh oh."

So, needless to say, we had to do two loads this morning. By the way, they were left in the dryer so I am doing it now.

Did I mention that I love my hubby?

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