Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Wrinkle Test

We got a new Whirlpool "Duet Steam" front loading washer & dryer. First of all, I couldn't figure out what to do with it so I waited until Dan got home to read the directions to me. Call me lazy if you will, I will tell you that I have a one year old.

To begin, we had to run the washer with no clothes in it to make sure it was clean, I guess. No lie, Dan and I stood mesmerized, staring into the glass dome. We weren't sure it was even on because it made very little noise...compared to our old clunker anyway.

While I have been on the computer typing away, Dan has been reading out interesting facts from the booklet. It is 9:30 and we are putting in our first official load. Then, Dan decides to bust out the big guns and give it the "Wrinkle Test." He had me thoroughly examine his dress shirt & pants he intends to wear tomorrow to work - every wrinkle on the bottom, sleeves, and also, it was necessary to give it a smell test. It was strange. He is pumped. You would think he does the laundry or something. He walks out to inspect the load every so often, popping his head in to proudly announce, "There is a light in the dryer!"

Results of the Wrinkle Test: Pretty Good!
Not iron quality, but a lot less wrinkled. It beats throwing it into the dryer with a wet bath towel. As an added plus, it got all of the stray dog hair off of the blue dress pants.

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