Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shhh...Mommy's Asleep

Sometimes, I like to "pretend" I'm sleeping in Riley's playroom while she flits around the room. Yesterday, I laid down on the large, stuffed lion and placed a teddy bear conveniently over my face. It was warm and cozy in there. She was fine for a bit, having a tea party behind my back while talking to herself. After a bit, I was really starting to relax and enjoy my alone time with Mr. Lion and Teddy. Then, Riley has to come and interrupt by placing books on top of me and saying, "Mommmmyyyyy." When I didn't respond and after trying to stifle my laughter, she began gently patting on my head. This led to her yanking me up by my hair to insist that I read a book to her.
Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

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