Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Little Break

On Tuesday, I got a little break from Mommyhood when I dropped Riley off at Uncle Josh's while I went to the Dermatologist. Most people wouldn't think this was a break but I got some alone time with a magazine and a few adults so I didn't mind getting stuck and prodded.

After we had Riley sufficiently distracted by the puppies, Mimi Rose and Tallulah Belle, I snuck out while Josh and his sister took over. He said she kept herself busy by staring at the dogs through the french doors. "She think she's at the zoo," Josh told me. Riley has never been to the zoo, but we'll go with that.

Meanwhile, back at the office, I relayed to the doctor that I have these moles and skin tags that keep popping up. She says, "You're at the age where weird things start appearing on your body." After she told me that the dry patches on my eyelids is Eczema I had about enough of my adult outing and was on my way. Getting older is awesome isn't it?

After I left the office, I called Josh to report that I was on my way home. He said, "I think she did a stinky," with a little disgust in his voice.

"It's OK," I said, "I'll change it when I get there. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Josh and his sister evidently felt sorry for Riley/couldn't stand the stench and ended up changing her diaper. They explained it was a two-man job. Josh evidently told his sister, "Jamie says that you have to clean her va-ja-ja when she does a stinky." He told me that he felt better if his sister took care of that area.

For some reason, I felt so relaxed after my appointment. Besides have random bandages all over my neck, I felt rejuvenated from my little break. It also helped that Riley had a good time at the "zoo" as well. I'm thinking about joining a gym so I can get daily breaks like this --- I don't want to work out or anything crazy like that, I just want to use the child care. Maybe I can drop her off to play with the other kids and find a gym that has a smoothie bar?

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