Sunday, March 28, 2010


These have been occurring around here quite often lately.

From Me and the Little One.

PS. I am really good at having meltdowns. Especially after said, Little One, slaps me in the face during tumbling class during a massive breakdown. Then, I yank her out of class and have an Oscar-Worthy meltdown the whole car ride home. Saying things I am ashamed to admit, but did indeed include Poor Husband at work on the car-phone so he could witness the awful event.

Riley is two. I get that. But why does she have to be so bad sometimes? Other times, she is the sweetest, most delicious little girl, full of smiles and good humor. Other times, I need a shot of tequila. This, coming from a girl who has never had tequila and who is at the moment, quite pregnant.

I feel better after a meltdown. A good cry will do that sometimes. In an effort to be Super-Mom, I forget that everything doesn't have to be perfect. I also forget (and I don't think Riley got this memo either --- pregnancy makes your hormones whacked out.)

So as we are nearing another work week where Daddy will embark towards his location of retreat - work. Please pray for my sanity and patience.

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