Friday, March 19, 2010

Operation Paci

I would like to travel back in time and beat myself in the face for pushing the paci. I thought it would alleviate my "human pacifier"experience and help her fall asleep.
Fast forward to a little over a month now to Riley's 2nd birthday.
Seriously, I could slap my old self.
On Tuesday evening, we began Operation: Cutting the Paci. I read it was a gentle way to ease the child into letting go of their fixation, cutting more of the nipple little by little, The paci will no longer give the soothing, sucking sensation so the child will grow tired of it and give it up on their own. This seemed to be working until last night until all hell broke loose.
She screamed and screamed for hours. I thought for sure we were going to get Child Protective Services called on us. Finally at midnight, we gave in and brought her into our bed.
Today, it took her one hour and 20 minutes to calm down and fall asleep.
Riley likes to tell me, "Paci broken," or "Paci has a boo-boo." She tells Dan, "Mommy cut Paci."
She is on to me. She's too smart for her own good.
I will persevere - I will beat the devil-paci at its own game.
More updates to come, God willing.

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Anonymous said...

hey - i just read all of the updates on the family being sick, er visits, projectile vomiting, etc. I'm glad everyone is doing much better.
In regards to the pacifier, my brother was the same way. One Christmas, my parents made him give all of his pacifiers to Santa, otherwise Santa was not going to bring any gifts to him. You should see the yearly Santa photo...boy was he ticked at Santa! It worked though.
Jennifer W.


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