Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The battle that is known as: Nap-Time

My usually great sleeper has been testing me as of late. She has been insisting to get "OUT" of her crib, throwing her things out of the crib, climbing out (almost successfully today until I walked in) and screaming at the top of her lungs.

While I normally would just let this go on - there now is the safety factor. They no longer sell those net devices to go over he crib so I have been left to my own devices.

Today, she finally made a break for it. She had just managed to get her entire body out of he crib when I walked her to bring her back down. "That's it," I told her, "I am clearing this room out."

I picked up everything off of the floor, cleared her nightstand, and plopped her crib mattress on the floor. I piled up her blankies and baby onto the mattress, told her good night again, and walked out.

Wouldn't you know it but she worked the knob and opened the door?! I was stunned. One by one, she began clearing the contents of the mattress and relocating them to the couch. Without saying a word, she had successfully moved everything out of her room. I stood in silence.

Just then, my go-to-advice-giver/best-friend and mom of three, Melissa called. I told her the situation. She suggested that I turn the lock around. Thinking it was going to be a harder job, I said I would have to wait for Dan. "No," she insisted, "You can do it."

A couple swear words later and about a half hour of work, I finally got the lock turned around. I told her to lay on the mattress, told her good night, and I locked her in! (I have Mom-of-the-Year written all over this one).

Here is the kicker - she is quiet and sleeping! I just went in to check and her body - half on/half off the bed, is still!

Sweet success! At least for today....

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