Saturday, August 8, 2009


Riley has been using the word, "NO," for a while now, but is really pushing it into full force recently.
She tells her babies "NO," and also tells them, "Night, Night." Sometimes it may appear to her that they may be waking up from their slumber and tells them, "No!"
Of course, she loves telling me, Murphy, and Daddy, "no," but what she really enjoys is telling her food off. She will look at a piece of chicken or a spinach nugget, wag her little finger and declare defiantly, "NO." This morning I was changing her sheets on her crib and frantically, she was pushing the mattress down , banging on the slats of the crib crying desperately...NOOOO. Maybe she thought I was going to make her sleep without a mattress?
I really try no to laugh...but sometimes it is so hard.
When Riley was too tiny to talk, I would have these dreams of her being that sweet little child that never told her Momma - NO!
Ha! Fat chance.

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