Thursday, August 13, 2009

Play Doh

A while ago, I wrote about Riley's first art project. I have since decided to introduce her to the world of Play Doh.

Boy, does she love her some Play Doh.

Not so much the building, sculpting, and manipulating as much as the collecting, gathering, and storing.

I don't know if it's because I think I have some OCD tendencies, but I have noticed that Riley really seems to enjoy the following:

1. Taking the Play Doh out of the container.

2. Me - rolling it into little balls (or sometimes, she rolls it out into a long snake-like form, all the while saying, "Roll.")

3. Putting all of the balls into the container

4. Closing the container and then

5. Starting all over again.

Sometimes we get a little wild and crazy and she sneaks in a taste. The container says, "Fun to play with, not to eat," so that worries me bit. I remind her that if she is hungry that I'll go get her a banana. To which she laughs at me probably thinking, "You Crazy Momma."

I captured a little snippet of the Play Doh Adventures on camera. Dan was playing with Riley and she proceeded to shake the play doh container and lose her marbles...

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