Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For the Love of the Paci

It has been over a month and Riley's little body is still fighting these "bugs." Viruses, strep, bacteria, whatever you want to call it - she's tired. It's a good day when she is her normal, happy, and bossy self instead of the girl who is feverish, flushed, and hacking like an 85 year-old chain-smoker.

It gets me frustrated that there is nothing I can do for her when she is feeling bad. The one thing that does seem to "pacify" her is her beloved paci. Now, I normally don't allow her to have the paci during the day or during meal times, but what was usually only a night-night accessory has been making appearances throughout the day when Riley is sick. However, the more Riley has her Paci, the more attached she is to it. When she is done with he latest bout of sickness, we are going to have to bid farewell to the Paci. Wish us luck...

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