Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Summer Day

This weekend was a chance for us to breathe a big sigh of relief after Riley's bout with the menacing virus. On Saturday, we spent the day with my parents swimming and eating yummy barbecue ribs. To finish up the weekend, on Sunday we enjoyed the day together as our little family of three.

Did I mention I hate summers in Florida? It has been so ungodly hot for June that it is just miserable outside. But, Riley insists on going "side" so we venture out for a few minutes at a time. We walked around in the yard for a bit and then convinced her to play on the back porch. Her little face turns beat red after a few minutes out in the heat. She is also very good about drinking water from her favorite cup to stay hydrated.

In other news, Riley's vocabulary is really expanding. It amazes us how we can say a word, and she repeats it with ease. Tonight while eating dinner, she kept saying "chicken" as she devoured it.

Two others things on the radar as of late: shoes and nudity

Riley has become obsessed with shoes. Mine, hers, Dan's, Mimi & Papa's...she doesn't care. She says, "shoes" and tries with all her might to get them on her feet, even when she already has a pair on.

When Riley had her fever, I let her just walk around in her diaper for the better part of the day. Since then, she has developed an aversion to clothes. She throws a royal fit when you try to put a shirt on her. Dan is worried :)

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