Sunday, June 7, 2009

Riley's First ER Visit

Riley had another milestone this week...her first ER visit.

She had been battling a fever all day on Friday and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to come down. Rounds of Tylenol, Motrin, and tepid baths did nothing to relieve our little sweetie.

My mom even came over to give me a hand. She was amazed by how blazing hot Riley was and that she wasn't eating, drinking, or trying to run around like usual.

Around 4pm, I put her down for a nap and decided to get rest myself. When she work up moaning at 6, her face was beat red, she was shaking and her body was on fire. I frantically took her temperature and it read 104.1. I quickly called the pediatrician's office and reached the answering service. Within two minutes, I received a call back from someone.

After explaining to the nurse that her fever was not dropping despite my efforts, she advised me to take Riley to the ER. With my fingers shaking (and holding a shaking baby) I dialed Dan's number. He was home within a few minutes and we were headed to Healthpark. I debated on taking her to the closer hospital, but I know that Healthpark is known for it's children's unit.

After about an hour and a half, we saw a doctor. I was surprised how fast we were able to see one. He explained that even if she had an ear infection or strep, he would not give her antibiotics because he didn't believe babies needed it. Um, okay. He also added that the times she did receive antibiotics for ear infections and strep, she probably didn't even have the infections. Sure she didn't.

He had the nurses insert a catheter to withdraw some urine because he was worried about a Urinary Tract Infection. This, he said, would be the only way she would receive an antibiotic. Thank you, kind sir.

While waiting for the test results, Riley showed some interest in the few snacks that I did remember to pack for her (but still not the drink). She inhaled the zucchini/carrot muffin and Gerber veggie sticks so fast she almost choked. At least she is hungry, we thought.

Finally, the test came back negative, relieved, but still wondering what was wrong with our baby? He explained at length about seizures associated with fevers, possible vomiting, and bloody stool...all which, "should not alarm us." Awesome.

Close to 10pm, our little family of three finally left the ER with very little questions answered. Riley held her blankie and sucked on her paci and fell asleep quickly after her little butt hit her car seat. We drove through the Chik-Fil-A drive thru and continued home.

We gave Riley another dose of Motrin and she quickly fell back asleep. Her sleep was erratic and was up often, and actually right on cue, to receive her additional doses.

Saturday we went to my parent's house and let her swim three different times to get her temperature down. She was still burning up all day despite our efforts....another bad night of sleep followed.

It is now Sunday night and her fever has finally subsided. I have to call the doc's office tomorrow morning to schedule a follow-up visit from our first ER trip.

It was an eventful weekend, none of which we are interested in repeating any time soon.

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