Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Puppy!

Not really....

My mom gave Riley one of those old school Fisher Price puppies. You know the kind, with a string attached around it's neck and he moves his tail and legs and "barks" when you pull him along.

Well, Riley is obsessed. So much so, that she refuses to go anywhere without it. We went on a play date today and we had to "walk" the puppy to the neighbor's house --- so slowly, it was painful. He falls down quite a lot, Riley says, "uh oh," situates him again and we are on our way once more.

The first night we had "Puppy," Riley couldn't bear to go to bed without him. Mr. & Mrs. Safety (Mommy and Daddy) refused to let her take Puppy to bed because we were afraid she might strangle herself with the string. She then had, what we call a sit-in. She crouched in the corner, hovering over Puppy, grunting, with a death grip on him. It was all we could do to stifle our laughter. We (and by we, I mean Dan), finally wrangled Puppy out of her hands telling him he had to go night-night too.

We finally got her calmed down and ready for bed. In the morning, she woke up and went straight for Puppy's resting place on the chair. She will not let him take a rest. Sometimes, though, she is mean to Puppy because he keeps falling down and throws him and stomps away. That's when Mommy has to have an intervention about being nice to Puppy.

Here is a picture of Riley kissing Puppy. She really gets into it.

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Daddy said...

Gotta love the puppy! Harrison has the same one & we named him "Pickles" (due to his tail looking like a brown one).


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