Saturday, June 11, 2011

End of Preschool

I remember dropping off a shy, pig-tailed girl off at school on the first day of preschool. She didn't know what changes were about to happen in her life, and neither did I...

Riley, held onto me for dear life, not sure about the new faces staring back at her. I smiled, knowing that is was hard, but good for her. And it has been. Riley has really grown socially since her beginning days of preschool. While she still gets shy, she doesn't hide under the table anymore or bark at people. I'd say that's an improvement for sure!
What I wasn't prepared for were the friendships that we both would make. Her love for her teachers is truly heartwarming. She absolutely loves them and I do as well. We are so happy that she will have the opportunity to enjoy their company next year because both of Riley's teachers will be moving up into the 3 year old classroom.
I also loved watching Riley on the playground interacting with her little classmates. They would be shrieking with laughter, Riley steadily zooming around on a bike, pulling another little girl on the wagon behind her.
I was also lucky enough this past year to make some great friends with fellow moms who get it -- me, my kid, and our life.
There were the yucky parts too, like preschool germs and my obsession with keeping her and little sister as healthy as possible, but I know that comes with the territory.
On the last day of school, we got to enjoy a "picnic" lunch with her friends, their parents, and teachers. You can see who Riley is going to miss...You can see here, her teacher, Ms. Tami, fixing Riley's hair...she wouldn't let me touch it.

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