Friday, May 20, 2011

This is my life (also known as the Bambi post).

Sometimes, I look around and think to myself, this is my life. I cannot believe I am doing this. While sometimes, this is accompanied by a smile, other times, I am laughing...or crying.

Take for example, the scene the unfolded on Wednesday.

The day started off like normal, Ms. Riley came out of her room, smiling, and greeting me with kisses. Soon after, she become angry with me because we had ran out of chocolate chip muffins. The audacity, right? She had to settle for a waffle. This sent her into a tail-spin for a majority of the morning. We had plans to meet my Mom at Hobby Lobby to peruse the fabric selections when Riley had a meltdown over not being able to wear her bathing suit to the store. Yelling and screaming followed, from both ends I am embarrassed to admit.

After an hour and a half, I managed to get her into the car and the girls and I took the trek north to meet Mimi and Papa for lunch and shopping.

While at Hobby Lobby, Riley convinced Mimi to purchase none other than "Bambi." She had her mind set on the medium size, poly-resin statue of the deer, you know the kind -- used in yards around the country as if to say, Hey look, I have a deer sitting in my flowers, no never mind, it's just a creepy statue.

Anyways, Riley was infatuated with the deer. Even had it sit on her lap on the way home from the store, talking kindly to "her" as we drove home as she softly stroked her back.

With another impending meltdown coming, I had Riley and Bambi lay down for some quiet time. She read to Bambi, put some necklaces on her, and even let her use the pillow.

After baby sister woke up, we decided to take Bambi outside to pick out her new resting spot by the swing set. At least, this was my idea, Riley had another one.

She then proceeded to carry Bambi around the neighborhood - hoisting "her" on to her shoulder like a scene from the Bible. I kept picturing the manger scene, with these shepard boys carrying lambs to baby Jesus. I couldn't stifle my laughter.

Now, Bambi is heavy. It left marks on her shoulder. But, she insisted on holding the stupid thing. En route to her friends house, the meltdown begins.

"I don't want to wear this dress," she says through tears. The sobs continue. I manage to soothe her saying, let's go home, get a drink, and rest. We get to the garage and she is enraged about not being able to find her "pink and yellow dress." I manage to get her to stop and breathe. At this point, poor baby sister is just looking around the garage, thinking about how hot it is and there I am holding this damn deer.

It dawns upon her that now, she would like to change her shoes, which much to my dismay are in the van. I open the door as she frantically searches for her lost show under the seat. Then she notices me taking the picture and yells, "Don't take my picture." She is sobbing at this point.

After she has her shoes on, we trek back over to out friends house and she again, insists on bringing Bambi with us. Sweet baby Jesus. She places Bambi down and doesn't want anyone to look at the deer.

Three meltdowns later, we end up back at home, Bambi is resting by the slide, and I called Dan to ask him when he was coming home.

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