Monday, May 9, 2011

On being a Mom.

I think I have some pretty big shoes to fill in the Mom department.
My Mom totally rocks. She is my best friend. Riley told me today in the car, "I want Mimi to be my Mommy." I said, "What about me?" She thought for a second or two and replied, "You can be my Daddy.....with Daddy."

I totally get it. I love my mom and Riley adores her Mimi. I want to be like her too.

It comes as no surprise that I can get down on myself when I feel like I'm not doing a good job in the Mommy - kid raising - patience having- department. Many people are quick to point out what Moms are doing wrong. "You should make her sit in the stroller," "Don't let her do that," or "Make her do this." My usual reply is, "I'm just doing the best that I can." Everyday, I get up, and do the best that I can. Some days, I totally rock this Mom thing. Like, my boss, if I had one, would want to give me a raise and a promotion. Some days, my boss would totally fire me.

Here's the sad thing -- Moms don't talk about this. I know far too many Moms that are in the closet about their failures or bad days. Not me, I'm the type that will shout it from the rooftop or put it as a status update, if you will. That's the way we learn from each other. No one is perfect and more importantly, there shouldn't be pressure to be perfect. No matter if you have one kid, three, or thirteen, this gig is hard and it's a learning process. Give me a break, give other Moms a break, and give yourself one too while you are at it.

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