Monday, May 17, 2010

The Potty Training Saga continues...

Today marks the two week mark of the potty training bonanza. Some days are awesome. No accidents, going on the potty, and alerting me before it happens.

Here is an example of a success story - potty training in the back of my car before the splash park.

Some days...not so awesome. Take for example, today.

The scene: The kitchen during lunch time meal prep.
The players: Mommy and Riley, who is playing quietly on the floor with some fridge magnet letters.

"Riley, do you have to potty?"

She mischievously shakes her head and smiles.

"Riley, do you have to potty?"


"No, Mommy."

"What the..."

She was splashing in her own urine folks. I grabbed her and picked her up in the air as she is kicking her urine soaked feet mid-flight. It sprays everywhere. I throw her in the bathtub (well, not literally) and wash her bottom and feet off, take her out an instruct her to sit on the potty and to NOT MOVE. (That was me using me mean Mommy voice).

I head back into the kitchen to wipe, mop, and sanitize the tile floor and the urine soaked letters. Still in the bathroom, I head back in to dress her, and move her to a secure location - the couch. Then I proceed to dry the floor and finish making our lunch!

Who knew that I had it in me? I'm not patting myself on the back here (well, a little bit) but I remained calm, cleaned up the mess, and even managed to feed us a hot meal. So, I guess it wasn't totally an un-awesome day after all...

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