Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Houston, we have an eater.

When I first met Dan, I could have sworn that Dan had a tape-worm. (I'm not sure if this is actually how it works, but it's what my Mom told me, along with my fear of eating uncooked pasta and its relation to worms. Ew.) He would eat a huge mound of food at dinner, and still, never wavered above 160. Sitting beside me, eating Blizzards while I was prego, still 160. I have now learned he has a crazy, fast metabolism. So, it's no surprise that Reese who looks like a miniature-girl version of Dan has inherited: A. Love of food B. Fast metabolism C. Has been known to moan during a good meal.
I feed this girl and she just loves me, loves the food, heck, she loves her spoon. She pounded a large fruit and veggie along with oatmeal cereal mixed with formula. The Good Doc is making sure we pack on the pounds to make sure she keeps weight on while she becomes increasingly active. Good Doc says to, "feed her until she refuses." I'll do my best.

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