Monday, January 24, 2011

When the cat is away...

The mouse will play.

When Riley is at school, Reese is a maniac in the playroom. Riley has become, let's say, territorial over her toys in the playroom and you will often find her grabbing things out of baby sister's hand when she is really getting into playing with something. So, when Riley is at school or on the RARE chance she has fallen asleep, Reese gets some good playing in.

I took a little video of this...and happened to catch "peg-leg" in action. It's like Reese isn't satisfied with this crawling nonsense so she uses one leg as a kick-stand of sorts. She's crawling along with her peg-leg jutting out and then she will get into a knealing position (like she is about to propose to someone). She also pulls up to stand on anything and eveything. I may have to invest in some more foam padding.


Monica said...

Reese is adorable! My 10 month old nephew just started crawling the same exact way in the past week. She definitely resembles her daddy while Riley is your mini-me.

JBW said...

Thanks Mon! Reese IS a mini-Dan for sure, she even eats like him too :)


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