Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm in this class called: Restorative Justice, Servant Leadership & Forgiveness. It's an elective and requires 10 books. It sort of feels like a therapy session rather than a master's level class but in any case, I'm getting three credits for it. A large portion of the class is working through past situations, realizing our role in the problem, and seeking forgiveness. If you think about it, there's a lot of forgiveness out there in the world to be had, and also, it's necessary to forgive yourself. Just for fun, here's my working list.

Please forgive me for...

1. Wearing my pajamas all day when I don't leave the house

2. Eating a bag of cookies because they are OATMEAL chocolate chip. That makes them healthy, right?

3. Driving like a bat out of hell as I squeal out of the garage for a "night out" to complete my homework at my "office" aka Panera.

4. Not shaving my legs. Enough said.

5. Trying to be super mom. I'm really not and anyone who tries is in for a big disappointment.

6. Feeding my child bread and butter for lunch today. I was too tired to fight.

7. Laughing hysterically when Riley explains she is afraid of the trash can and night light in her room - these were the reasons she wanted to sleep with us around 3am last night.

8. Telling my husband that a perfect gift would be a night in a hotel...alone. Just me, a big comfy bed and some room service. Preferably at the Ritz.

9. Inviting my brother over for dinner. Then promptly telling him to bring the necessary ingredients to actually make the meal. The grocery store is over-rated.

10. Rolling down the windows and cranking up the tunes as two girls cry in the back seat.

No one is perfect and I'm not shy about asking for forgiveness for my Mommy imperfections!

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