Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What have we been doing?

Amid the flurry of thesis writing in the evenings, the show must go on at home. What, you may ask, fills our day?

Well, Riley has been perfecting her wrestling moves. She is actually bent over Reese in this photo and has her in sort of a half-hold. She was even pounding the floor as if she was counting the beats to defeat. Reese, well, she is literally trying to walk...away from the madness. PS. She just turned 8 months. She is currently busy crawling, cruising along the couch and other items, and stands on her own for a bit.

Then we have dress-up time, followed by dance time, then changing our dress seven hundred times, then insisting on only wearing one certain dress with stripes and pockets. Repeat.

We have also discovered another obsession: Lipstick. Another good substitution is chap stick. I will watch her circle her mouth with it on a continuous circle for the longest time.

Riley does love Reesie Pie. I often liken it to Fatal Attraction. Reese's eyes always light up when Riley walks into the room...and then she develops a nervous twitch ;)

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