Monday, December 13, 2010

Sums it up

This picture with Santa pretty much sums up our life these past months, hence the reason the blog has been so neglected.

Here is the breakdown (no pun intended):
Riley: Stubborn.
She is pretty adamant about not wanting to do anything I want her to do it when I want to do it. Follow me? Typical 2 year old fashion, she talked about Santa, was pumped about telling him the three things on her wish list, and then froze when we tried to pry hr off of us and onto the big guy in red. Would not, under no circumstance, sit on Santa's lap.
Reese: Frantic
Anytime she is not in a 3 inch radius of Momma's boob, she's pretty pissed.
Me: Delirious
With Reese still not sleeping through the night, and as we get closer to her 6 month birthday, I find myself uncharacteristically delirious. I have a hard time finishing sentences, thinking of words, and pretty rude to door-to-door salesmen. I'm not sure if I even remember taking this picture.
Dan: Goes with the flow
You see, he knows there is mass chaos happening, and he is in the thick of it, but refuses to freak out (see above) and just goes along to get along. Yin and yang, I tell ya, thank God!

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Monica said...

I just love your Santa pic. Dan's big smile is priceless.


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