Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am ready.

(Photo taken on Father's Day at the Botanical Gardens.
It was so damn hot I thought I was going to give birth on the sidewalk.)
We are prepared as we are going to get for Baby2.

The room is ready, the smell of Dreft has saturated her pre-loved clothes. Riley is anxiously awaiting her baby sister, practicing the fine art of baby holding and bottle feeding with her baby dolls. House is cleaned, courtesy of Rockstar Roxanne and I am now officially a minivan Mom thanks to my fabulous husband. I am ready to feed our sweet little girl and drink in her baby smell as I kiss her neck and sing silly songs like I did with Riley. I am ready to get my body back to (semi) normal and to have our two girls love and care for each other while sharing inside jokes and giggling into the night about boys and bras. I can't wait.
See you soon.

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