Monday, November 16, 2009


As a dear friend of mine pointed out to me, "You have been slacking on your blog." True, very true. But as we used to say at the Wine Festival...I've been in the weeds.

And those weeds make me unmotivated.

Riley now is accustomed to laying down in random places when she doesn't get her way. Not screaming or kicking, just laying down on the ground, looking up at us. I usually wait and then ask her if she is finished, to which she bounces up quickly and says, "K." For OK, of course. While this seems harmless and often amusing at home, not so bueno in places such as Walmart, the street, Moe's, and Ikea. One and half-year olds are tiring. Shes not even two yet!

Speaking of Ikea - my brother, mom, Riley, and I made a pilgrimage over to Ikea today. I could spend hours in Ikea if I could....please see prior paragraph for reasons why I cannot.

I am also painfully in love with Glee and Modern Family. What is also painful is that they are on at the same time. We may be one of the few families in the US of A that has yet to connect to the world of DVR. I saw a Glee shirt at ToysRUs on Saturday and I proudly exclaimed to Dan that I had found my first item on my wish-list for Christmas. (Then, promptly instructed him to buy it because I know No-DVR man would find a way to miss another opportunity like that).

Last but not least - school has me unmotivated. I am totally uninspired by my newest grad class - it doesn't move me to get on the computer or crack open a book after a long day. We are currently writing a literature review (research paper) on ONE WORD. ONE WORD PEOPLE. My word is whiteness. It's about how white people are perceived to have all the power in the world. You get the idea. Exhilarating stuff.

So that is it - my slacking on the bog is a reflection of the slacking in my don't get offended. I think of writing, but there is always another TV show to watch or a word to research.

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